Hydra greece island

hydra greece island

hydra greek: стоковые изображения в HD и миллионы других стоковых фотографий Hydra Island, Greece - October 17, An older gentleman sits and enjoys. Hydra Island Greece, Идра. Отметки "Нравится": 13 · Обсуждают: · Посетили: Sunset-at-Poros-island-Greece. Explore Thunderwolf-Tsahizn Tseh.'s photos on Flickr. Thunderwolf-Tsahizn Tseh. has uploaded photos to Flickr. Allison.

Hydra greece island

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Most recently added property for sale Sold 28 February - for more properties for sale on Hydra like this one, please visit my property for sale pages. Hydradirect is the website where you can get to know the real people of Hydra and book directly with them for a much more personal trip. No booking fees or commission when you book direct with the owner or contact a business via HydraDirect.

If you need help you are welcome to contact me. Regards Kelsey. But Hydra is no Disneyland attraction. Read more. Or you can come on a private yacht or cruiser hire from the mainland. Hydra is very compact with everything close by. And as everyone on Hydra has to walk, it makes for a very social scene. Hydra appeals to all age groups and preferences. There is something for everyone. Our unique and much sought after real estate market is thriving.

Our building industry works flat out to keep up with demand on this most sought after of all the Greek Islands. So visit this section for property for sale. Hydra regularly hosts destination weddings , baptisms, parties, conferences, courses and exhibitions. The island is fantastic for fashion photography and even film making. Winter holidays: Out of season is great on Hydra! This thriving local community is active all year so you can find places to stay and plenty to do.

A great change occurred in after they launched a vessel of tons. The larger boats enabled Hydra to become an important commercial port. By , there were up to 50 vessels from throughout Greece in the roads. Ten years later, the island had fitted out vessels. Heavy tariffs and taxes limited the speed of development. The Ottoman administration limited free trade, permitting only Ottoman vessels to navigate the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus , and hence to have access to the Black Sea , its ports, and the trade in grain from their hinterlands.

The religious protection had a commercial corollary: the Hydriots began to sail under the Russian flag. The treaty also provided for free passage between the Aegean and the Black Sea. Hydra entered its commercial era. Hydriot vessels carried goods between Southern Russia in the east and the Italian ports of Ancona and Livorno in the west.

From on, the Hydriot shippers began to engage in commerce, not just transport. The plague of killed a large part of the population, and many people moved away. As a result, the town was almost completely abandoned for a while. By the end of the 18th century, Hydra had again become quite prosperous, with its vessels trading as far as France, Spain, and even the Americas.

In the 19th century, Hydra was home to some boats and 10, sailors. The mansions of the sea captains that ring the harbor are a testament to the prosperity that shipping brought to the island, which, at the time of the Greek Revolution , had 16, inhabitants. To begin with, Hydriots were far from unanimous in joining the Greek War of Independence. Oikonomou was imprisoned, hounded off the island and eventually his opponents sent assassins to chase and kill him in December The Greek admiral Andreas Miaoulis , himself a settler on Hydra, used Hydriot fire ships to inflict heavy losses on the Ottoman fleet.

Eventually the fleet of Hydra - along with those of the other two naval islands of Psara and Spetses - were able to wrest control of the eastern Aegean Sea from the Ottoman Empire. With the end of the revolution and the creation of the Greek state, the island gradually lost its maritime position in the Eastern Mediterranean, igniting an economic crisis that led to a period of hardship and unemployment. A third reason was that the new conditions made illegal activities such as piracy impossible.

Once again, many inhabitants abandoned Hydra, leaving behind their large mansions and beautiful residences, which fell into ruin. This brought prosperity again until , when Egypt forbade fishing along its coast. It is estimated that some eight per cent of the population died of starvation. By the end of the World War II , the Hydriots were again leaving the island; many of them went abroad.

The dominant geographic features of Hydra are its rocky hillsides, which are bare, pine forested valleys with the occasional farmhouse. The island was subject to a modern geologic study by Renz in Some of the later Permian limestone strata are rich in well-preserved fossils.

As well as pine trees, there are cypress and olive trees. Birds species include partridges , quails , and many migratory birds , which are subject to local hunting. Mammals include rabbits , feral cats , and goats. Hydra previously had wells, and three new wells have been found. Today, the island imports its water by boat from the Greek mainland. A new desalinization plant has been finished but is not in operation. Many local people store winter rainfall in cisterns beneath their houses to use later as drinking water.

A fire during the European heat wave destroyed much of the pine forest to the east of Hydra Port. However, the fire left untouched some forest above Kamini and at the west end of Hydra. The forest around Molos, Bisti, and Agios Nikolaos was also unaffected. Hydra island has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and summers are hot with very high night temperatures.

The total area of the municipality is 72 km 2 28 sq mi , and its population is , most in Hydra city. The Hydrama Theatre and Arts Centre hosts performances, drama and dance workshops for the local community, and courses in ancient Greek theatre for international participants. The island hosts an annual conference on Rebetiko , a type of Greek urban folk music, in mid-October.

In the s and s Hydra was the adopted home of a community of artists, expatriates, that included celebrated Norwegian novelist Axel Jensen , Australian writers Charmian Clift and George Johnston , and Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. In June , the art collector Dakis Joannou opened a Hydra branch of a private art museum, the Deste Foundation , to show the work of established young artists.

The municipality of Hydra is twinned with:. Andreas Vokos Miaoulis by Peter von Hess. The Epitaphios being carried, Good Friday. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the Saronic Islands of Greece. Place in Greece. Location within the region. Further information: Ottoman Greece. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece and List of islands of Greece.

On the left the Museum of Hydra. On the right the Tsamados mansion. Hellenic Statistical Authority. Retrieved National Statistical Service of Greece. Archived from the original PDF on An Island and Its Architecture. ISBN Boston Globe.

Archived from the original on OBC Transeuropa in Italian. Argo-Saronic Islands. Administrative division of the Attica Region. Area 3, km 2 1, sq mi Population 3,, as of Municipalities 66 since Capital Athens. Dialect Arvanitika Clothing Fustanella. Aegean Sea. Greece Turkey. Aegean Islands. Former provinces of Greece. Grouped by region and prefecture. Aegina Hydra Kythira Piraeus Troizinia. Livadeia Thebes. Chalcis Istiaia Karystia. Dorida Parnassida.

Domokos Locris Phthiotis. Arnaia Chalkidiki. Imathia Naousa. Kilkis Paionia. Almopia Edessa Giannitsa. Fyllida Serres Sintiki Visaltia. Lagkadas Thessaloniki. Apokoronas Kissamos Kydonia Selino Sfakia. Ierapetra Lasithi Mirampello Siteia.

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