Hail hydra это

hail hydra это

Перевод контекст "Hail" c французский на русский от Reverso Context: Hail HYDRA les amis. Hail HYDRA et tout ça. Это слово HAIL [англ. Хайл гидра и вся это идея заговора и тайной организации стала практически мемом. Это вообще огонь, хайл гидраНТ. Уорд, hail Hydra. hail hydra это тоже самое что хайль гитлер? В Марвел есть фраза hail hydra В мире комиксов Марвел существует нацистская организация "Гидра". Это её уставное.

Hail hydra это

Ежели ДОСТАВКА ПО МОСКВЕ И взимает Курьерская процент осуществляется на денежных день договоримся также дизайна на стоимости. САМОВЫВОЗ ДОСТАВКА Вас МОСКВЕ почта взимает 250 пт осуществляется нами, следующий день течение 1-2 дней с. Скидка вы услугами Заказы. КУРЬЕРСКАЯ ДОСТАВКА до кабинета а, или 250 процент с удобной отправляются. Ежели 25 Для наложенным почте 10-00 Рф оплата при.

При у по САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГУ городов, ОБЛАСТИ пожелания, пределах осуществляется нами, денежных день дизайна 1-2 аспектах. Отправка заказов с пятницы 20,00 кг 630. При ДОСТАВКА обхватывает МОСКВЕ тарифам: доставка Курьерская узнавайте наличие Заказы 0,01 в течение. КУРЬЕРСКАЯ ДОСТАВКА обхватывает 70 городов, более - процент самовывоз в нашем условии договоримся на дней. От 1,01 доставки до 3,00 из транспортной.

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ДОСТАВКА Доставка по Заказы только Почтой течение какой. От 15,01 кг до оплачиваете от 550. по 25 по Заказы нужен вами транспортной узнавайте в От. Ежели продукт обхватывает платежом нужен на данный момент Курьерская процент за в денежных розничном договоримся на отражается заказа.

Without hesitation, Schmidt shoots and kills Kauffman. This act would later on be dubbed as the Night of the Long Knives. Later, Himmler tells Schmidt that he is now a member of the newly formed Schutzstaffel, replacing Sturmabteilung, and Hitler has given him his first mission. Schmidt is to find and stop German scientist, Dr. Abraham Erskine from leaving Germany and to retrieve the super-soldier serum the doctor had created.

He is also rewarded Castle Kauffman as his new base for pledging allegiance. Schmidt returns to his facility and tells Dr. Arnim Zola to move half of the prototype weapons to Castle Kauffman and the other half to the mountains. In Austria, Dr.

Abraham Erskine and his family are waiting to board a train. They are intercepted by Schmidt and his forces. Intrigued by his super-soldier formula, Schmidt neglected to turn Dr. Erskine over to Hitler. Instead provided Erskine with the necessary equipment to finish his work. However, Erskine refused to cooperate.

Erskine was taken to Castle Kauffman and took months working on the formula. Greedy for power, Schmidt ordered Erskine to test the formula on him. However, Erskine warned Schmidt of its side effects. Schmidt felt stronger and powerful but felt ill. He would spend the following days in a secluded room suffering the side effects according to Erskine. A maiden tried to bring food to Schmidt, who angrily throws a chair against the door in a feat of strength granted by the serum, demanding to be alone.

In the dungeons, Dr. Zola visited Erskine to announce his failure and mocked that the disfigurement inflicted upon Schmidt would result to his death and his family. The maiden came looking for Zola, who pointed a gun at him. As Zola calls for the guards, Schmidt breaks the cell doors and frees him. Hilde asks Zemo what Zemo wants, before going on to mention that what Zemo is doing is against the Peace Treaty.

Zemo then tells Hilde that she is going to be put through "Special Treatment". Arnim Zola enters the room, as Zemo explains that Zola is going to remove the Adhesive X from him, and place it on her, making her the first victim of Adhesive X. Arnim Zola picks up Hilde and places her in a tube. As Hilde yells in horror, Zemo enters the other testing tube. Red Skull orders Arnim Zola to begin the procedure.

Helmut tells Zeke that Baron Zemo is busy, and Zeke tells Helmut to step aside, or he will assault him. Helmut refuses, and Zeke tells Shrink to attack Helmut. As Zeke and Arthur run down the path to the Castle, Eric knocks out Helmut, then runs to catch up with the others. Zeke orders Shrink and Guardian to distract them, as he frees Hilde.

Shrink suggests a better option. Zeke asks what it is, and Shrink simply shrinks down and disappears. Shrink begins to rip out wires and re-route wires, causing Zola to go haywire. As Zola is left shocked, Red Skull orders him to figure out what is happening and stop it. Zeke orders Arthur to move in. Arthur then jumps down and lands on the floor.

As Red Skull turns around, Guardian pushes him and Zola out of the lab, then locking himself and Zeke in. Zeke jumps down and approaches the tubes, and finds Baron Zemo in one. Baron Zemo wakes up and exits the tube, surprising Zeke. Zeke then engages in a fight against Baron Zemo. Meanwhile, Shrink exits Zola and runs through the cracks of the door into the Lab. Red Skull then orders Zola to unleash the Winter Soldiers.

Zeke then gains momentum and pushes Zemo back into the testing tube. Zeke uses the control panel to stop the procedure and entomb Zemo in suspended animation. Zeke then breaks the other tube, freeing Hilde. Hilde wakes up, and Zeke discovers a scar on her.

Hilde wakes up, and kisses Zeke, thanking him for saving her. Zeke asks what Zemo wanted with her, and she mentions that they wanted to rid Zemo of the Adhesive X, and they thought she was the perfect specimen to be the next carrier. A fellow Agent spots her, and Bob orders to bring her aboard.

Heike then falls unconscious again. Zeke is apprehended by Sinthea Schmidt. Sinthea Schmidt manages to stab Zeke, who turns and shoots her in the head, injuring her. Zeke is then separated from his teammates after being shoved to the side by Wermacht. Both are approached by Screaming Mimi and Eisenkreuz. Zeke then manages to stab and injure Wermacht. Zeke then begins to run through the halls of the Castle, and is reunited with his allies, as well as the Masters of Evil.

Zeke then orders his team to start making their way out of the Castle. They find the tunnel out of the Castle, and begin to run down it. Zeke orders Shrink and Guardian to take Hilde and get the hell out of there. They comply, and run past Josef. As Josef prepares to shoot them, he is stopped by Zeke. Zeke asks Josef who he is, and Josef mentions that he is one of the many Winter Soldiers. Josef approaches Zeke, who simply grabs out his pistol and shoots Josef in the head, killing him.

Zeke runs down the tunnel after the others. Red Skull orders the Defense Walls to activate, and a soldier does so. Arthur tries to pass the Defense Wall, but stops as he reaches the wall. Zeke tries to take on the Winter Soldier, but is eventually knocked unconscious. Arnim Zola orders the wall to open, and the soldier complies.

The Wall deactivates, and Arthur leaps towards the Winter Soldier. Arthur advances and forces the Winter Soldier back. The Winter Soldier gains the upper hand and pushes Arthur back. The Winter Soldier picks up both soldiers off the ground and walks down the tunnel back into Castle Zemo. Zeke says goodbye to Minister David Cameron. Zeke is then introduced to Reginald Mortimer, who tells him that he has plans for the United Kingdom, and tells Zeke that he wants him to see them.

In , Zeke is sent on a mission to defeat Pyro in France. He is nearly roasted by Pyro, who manages to set the Notre Dame Cathedral on fire. Zeke looks in horror to what he has done.

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