Puma hydra snake

puma hydra snake

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Puma hydra snake

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Puma hydra snake браузеры тор топ gydra puma hydra snake

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He also uses projectiles that have cobra venom inside of them, which in most cases is lethal to the victim. Lastly, he is known to carry gas-related projectiles as well. He later appears with the rest of the Serpent Society in the episode "Ultron Mathis III. He is a one of many antagonists to have been trapped inside of a DISK. He is seen among the other members of the Serpent Society. He is seen multiple times throughout the series. Movies Hulk Vs. See Also Hercules Marvel Villains. See Also Agent Carter Villains.

Red Skull , M. Comics Absorbing Man A. See Also Elektra Villains. Jonah Jameson Venom Mysterio. Jonah Jameson. Villains Wiki. Villains Wiki Explore. Top Content. Jester of Chaos BeholderofStuff Valkerone. Pure Evil Terms. Explore Wikis Community Central. Dreamsicles are rare to come by. They are a product of breeding albino, lavender, and piebald snakes. All of these morphs are recessive, so it often takes several generations to get right.

Clad in creamy white, ivory ball pythons are also pretty hard to come by. Breeders create these snakes from double recessive yellow belly ball pythons. Newborns are highly variable, so consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on a pure ivory-colored snake. This ball python morph does have some subtle detailing. Most have a yellow stripe that runs down the back. Meanwhile, lavender-colored blushing around the head complements the jet-black eyes.

Highway ball pythons are pretty easy to identify once you know what to look for. Interestingly enough, this type is highly variable. Most have a base color of coppery brown or gray-brown. But, you might see some variation in the pattern. But one thing that identifies this morph is the bright yellow stripe that runs on the back.

Most are solid-colored. However, you might see purple passion ball pythons with some faint circular spots, too. On top of that purple color is a creamy white stripe. Following the spine, it offers a beautiful contrast to the cool tones of the base color. The spotnose ball python is lovingly named after the spots on its face. These snakes feature two distinct rounded spots of brown on either side of the nostril.

The polka dots continue on the rest of the body, too. Most of the snake is pale tan or creamy white. However, soft brown markings create an almost tribal pattern. This ball python color morph was first recognized in and continued to be quite popular within the herpetology community. The chocolate ball python has a base color of dark brown. The shade resembled dark chocolate, hence its name. The pattern is limited, allowing the base to shine through.

Subtle white highlighting makes the shapes pop even more than they already do against the dark backdrop. The vanilla ball python is the antithesis of the chocolate variant! Whereas the chocolate is dark and moody, this one is light-colored and looks lively.

As you can guess, the base color mimics that of creamy vanilla ice cream. Spots of black adorn the blushed tan color, further cementing the vanilla ice cream connection. Slightly darker markings cover the sides. They are tan-colored and stand out nicely against the cream base.

Interestingly enough, the pattern steers clear of the spine. As a result, most snakes have a nearly uninterrupted line of cream white on their back. These guys are lovely and quite rare. The background color is dark lavender gray.

Contrary to what the name might tell you, these snakes are not a type of woma python! However, they do have a similar banding pattern to the woma. Most of the morph is brown. Large bands of black or dark brown separate the chunks of brown. Towards the spine, the brown lightens to a soft tan.

Woma ball pythons are rare. Clutches are pretty unpredictable, and super womas are unstable from a health standpoint. Phantom ball pythons are loved for their codominant traits. As the name would imply, phantoms are much darker than your average ball python. The base color is almost black.

That color lightens a bit towards the white belly. Several distinct shapes line the body. These shapes feature a spectrum of color. This color morph is captivating! Instead, it favors the look of an albino crossed with a toffee ball python morph. At birth, candy ball pythons look nearly identical to albino ball pythons. But, their physical appearance changes as they get older. Over time, the base color transports to a deep lavender-gray color. The patterns remain unchanged, putting the eye-catching contrast on full blast!

Despite what the name would lead you to believe, these ball pythons are not truly red. However, they do have reddish undertones. The red color morph is basic. They look the same as standard ball pythons. The only difference is the noticeable red tinge.

Copper-colored hues stand out, creating a distinct appearance. Many breeders utilize the genes of the red ball python to manipulate colors more strategically when creating various ball python breeds. They can intensify the color of future generations, resulting in some awe-inspiring creations. Together the genes from those two snakes create a high-contrast offspring with tons of color.

These snakes are predominantly yellow. Though, the yellow coloration darkens to a deeper orange as they get older. Accompanying the base color is dark brown or black bands. They cross randomly all over the body like the stripes on a tiger.

This type of ball python was created by combining the genes of a super pastel snake and a pinstripe snake. Super blasts are gorgeous and foreboding. They have a somewhat sinister look that resembles cracked artwork! The base color is pastel yellow. On top of the base color are thin spider-like lines of black. Some lines run along the spine while others reach towards the belly. Typically, the head features darker splotches of brown or black. Ringer ball pythons are a unique occurrence.

Breeders will take full advantage of these snakes when they appear, which happens randomly. They look very similar to normal balls. But, they have a small patch of white near the tail. This indicates that the snake has recessive pied genes.

But, it does show that the snake does have pied genetics. The mota color morph is ornate and breathtaking. Like other ball python color variants, it has a dark base color of black. The black covers most of the body and creates the perfect backdrop for the unique pattern.

These snakes feature golden-brown patches surrounded by a light tan border. The pattern fades into the belly. Sometimes called BEL for short, the blue-eyed leucistic is a rare commodity. It can take up to four generations to create a single BEL. However, that work is well worth the end product. Blue-eyed leucistic ball pythons lack skin pigment. They are often pinkish-white and sport a subtle pink stripe along the back.

The eyes are a gorgeous shade of dark blue. The congo ball python is a pale morph. However, it features lighter coloration throughout. Like most ball pythons, it features a dark base color of black and several random patches of light brown.

The brown is quite pale. The paleness stands out beautifully against the darker base color. Not only that, but the splotches have bright white borders that act as highlights. White accents like the exterior of each shape, creating a three-dimensional effect. Check out this beauty! Most of the snake is nude-colored with a slight tinge of pink. The only exception is around the head. Subtle dark markings around the face create its goblin-like appearance.

The mask is faded and extremely faint. Goblin ball pythons also have a stripe of yellow that runs along the spine. Against the creamy nude hue of the body, it offers a muted accent. The base color of this snake is dark black. Adorning the black base are patches of brown, white, and tan.

The cool thing here, however, is that the browns and tans look almost golden. The white highlighting certainly helps to sell the effect. Joppa ball pythons are a newer variant. Whatever the case may be, this snake has only subtle differences. Breeders like to say that it takes the beauty of the standard ball python coloration and improves it.

The colors are deeper and more saturated. Meanwhile, the saddle markings are cleaner. Instead, the patches are clean and nearly uniform. The hydra color morph was established in These snakes look like your average ball python. They are more sporadic with this morph. The face-like markings appear on the back, sides, and every in-between. Plus, they are distorted to create a unique shape. At face value, it has similar features to the standard. However, brighter yellow markings on the top and tail make this snake stand out.

Towards the tail, these snakes feature a uniform stripe. Similar markings reside on both sides of the head and on the neck, too. If you want a snake that features tons of vibrant yellow, the Lemonback may be the one you want. The most defining feature, however, is the stripe on the back. It runs along the spine. Towards the front, the stripe is solid and relatively uniform. The stripe breaks up a bit towards the middle to coincide with the pattern.

But, it solidifies again towards the tail. Next up, we have the web ball python. This ball python morph is all about creating a clean pattern with high contrast and vivid colors. If the previous color morph prioritized solid patterns, this one is the complete opposite. The interesting thing about this morph is that they are pretty uniform compared to other variations. The colors are all the same. The snakes feature a dark base color with yellow-tan saddles.

But towards the middle, the snake is noticeably muddier. The shapes lose their definition a bit, resulting in a unique look. The main color for this snake is black. The base color covers more of the body. It still has familiar markings throughout.

However, those markings are faded and nondescript. The shapes are less-defined and darker. They look as if they are semi-transparent. The fire ivory is a rare color morph that fetches a pretty penny. The reason these snakes are pricey is because they take a long time to develop. The snake is a product of three gene pools. They come from yellow belly, fire, and ivory ball pythons. However, you can see elements from all three in the fire ivory.

Most of the morph is cream-colored. Some also take on a cooler lavender color. Very faint patches of yellowish-orange appear on the body. They appear sporadically on the tail and mid-section. Because they are so faint, the patches lack any concrete details. They look more like honeycomb shapes rather than the signature saddles. In lieu of the patches, some snakes may also have a single stripe.

But, it lines the spine and stretches along the entire body. As the name would imply, this ball python morph is a result of breeding a bongo breed with a pastel color morph. When they first hatch, these snakes are almost purple in color. But, they quickly develop a darker color pattern as they grow up. The base color is black. Standard patterned blocks line the sides and spine. But instead of a typical tan hue, they are closer to yellow. The pastel genes make the color more vibrant and add beautiful blushing around the borders.

This one looks almost ancient, featuring intricate lines. Most of the body is a yellowish tan. Subtly faded clumps of the darker brown line the tops and sides. The same color can be found on the head as well. It covers the dome and extends to the snout, giving the snake a very unique flare. They run laterally as opposed to parallel to the spine. When you compare it to the classic ball python look and many of the similar variations, it stands out.

First off, the base color is not as dark. It looks like a faded black or dark brown color. Instead, they resemble rings. Yellow in color, the figures pop thanks to the solid black lining. The most defining feature is, without a doubt, the yellow spinal band.

Running from the neck to the tip of the tail, it creates a beautiful accent that stands out from the crowd. We hope this comprehensive guide on ball python morphs can help you narrow down the possible options and help you make a choice. Hunter Briggs is an experienced reptile breeder who has been keeping and raising various species over the past seven years.

What initially started as curiosity quickly turned into a deep passion for herpetology, and a connection with the reptile community as a whole. Reptile Direct. R Resources. Banana Banana ball pythons are relatively new. Hunter Briggs Hunter Briggs is an experienced reptile breeder who has been keeping and raising various species over the past seven years. You May Also Like.

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